Tomasz Arnold is a Krakow-born composer and percussionist currently working and living in US.

As a composer-performer Tomek is seeking to find a language of understanding between his performative and compositional sides, and to make his music a cohesive hybrid of world's multiplicity. He does not know if he succeeds in his pursuit, or if it's even possible to grasp a small portion of it but he is, nevertheless, happy to devote his life to music making no matter the result.

As a young fellow, Tomek was dedicated primarily to percussion playing in hope for an international career as a solo performer. As a result, he won five first prizes on the various international solo marimba and percussion competitions between years 2006 and 2011. Between years 2006 and present, he performed as a soloist and ensemble member in various places around the globe (Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, USA and China). He does not spend time on chasing international fame as a percussion soloist anymore but he is an active performer, and he'll be happy to play a concert for you if you ask for it!

Tomek holds music degrees from Eastman School of Music (BM in Applied Percussion and Composition), Manhattan School of Music (MM in Classical Percussion Performance) and is currently a graduate student at Wesleyan University pursuing MA in Music Composition. He's forever grateful to those institutions and his teachers to whom he owes a great deal of what he learned about music.

Tomek is not trying to reinvent a concert experience, redesign world's perception of music or revolutionize the musical scene. He only hopes that you find his music pleasing, and his musical ideas not just simple knock-offs but something that could make a change in your everyday life.


Contemporary marimba music featuring solo marimba compositions and "Rounders" by Michael Burritt for marimba and percussion ensemble.



March! (orkiestra symfoniczna)
Double Major (cl, sax, trp, vib, pno)
Dissonant Relations (sax, akordeon lub pno)
Five Impressions on Human Life (solo pno)