Solo mallet percussion:

  • Andriessen, Louis: Woodpecker
  • Arnold, Tomasz: Variations on the Seven Pitches
  • Bach, J. S: Fifth Cello Suite in C-minor A-minor violin sonata
  • Burritt, Michael: Fermo
  • Dowland, John: utwory na lutnię (wybór)
  • Druckman, Jacob: Reflections on the Nature of Water
  • Ignatowicz, Anna: Toccata
  • Long, Patrick: Smoke of the Ghost
  • Manoury, Philippe: Solo de vibraphone
  • Morris, Robert: Stream Runner
  • Muramatsu, Takatsugu: Land
  • Puts, Kevin: Canyon
  • Sanchez-Gutierrez, Carlos: Winik/Te'
  • Schwantner, Joseph: Velocities
  • Sejourne, Emmanuel: Nancy
  • Stucky, Steven: Isabelle Dances
  • Sueyoshi, Yasuo: Mirage pour marimba
  • Thrower, John: True Colours
  • Vinao, Alejandro: Khan Variations
  • Zohn-Muldoon, Ricardo: Daphne

Solo Percussion or percussion with electronics:

  • Applebaum, Mark: Aphasia
  • Arnold, Tomasz: Naturally Artificial Spaces
  • Davis, Nathan: Crystal Radio
  • Kreiger, Arthur: Occasional Demons
  • Lucier, Alvin: Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra
  • Moszumanska-Nazar, Krystyna: Bagatelles
  • Schindler, Allan: At the Edge
  • Stockhausen, Karlheiz: No. 9 Zyklus
  • Xenakis, Iannis: Rebounds A, B
  • Zivkovic, Nebojsa Jovan: To the Gods of Rhythm

Percussion and mallet percussion with piano or ensemble acompaniment:

  • Akiho, Andy: LigNEouS 1
  • Andriessen, Louis: Tapdance
  • Arnold, Tomasz: Concerto for Percussion and Mixed Ensemble
  • 3x4 for Percussion and Amplified Piano
  • Burritt, Michael: Rounders
  • Out of the Blue
  • Daniel Kohane: Mythic Ritual
  • Delacroix, Jean: Reves d’enfan
  • Morris, Robert: Stream Runner
  • Salynas, Marius: Circus
  • Thrower, John: Aurora Borealis

Percussion or mallet percussion with orchestra:

  • Blazewicz, Marcin: Concerto Rustico for Marimba and Strings
  • Delacroix, Jean: Reves d’enfan
  • Mullenbach, Alexander: Concerto for Marimba and Strings
  • Michauld, Darius: Concerto for Percussion and Small Orchestra
  • Schwantner, Joseph: Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra
  • Rosauro, Ney: Concerto for Marimba and Strings


Contemporary marimba music featuring solo marimba compositions and "Rounders" by Michael Burritt for marimba and percussion ensemble.



March! (orkiestra symfoniczna)
Double Major (cl, sax, trp, vib, pno)
Dissonant Relations (sax, akordeon lub pno)
Five Impressions on Human Life (solo pno)