Digital Hybrid is a concert program of my design that includes my original compositions mixed with Baroque and Renaissance works performed on marimba together with some established pieces of classical contemporary music. Each piece is connected to one another by means of transitions resulting from harmonic similarities and/or the dramatic shape of the presupposed “plot” of the whole video. The attempt is to realize these works that vary in generic characteristics and historical time periods into one big concert form that acknowledges their inextricable musical connections. The project results from my various explorations of my identity as a composer-performer, and its goal is to summarize the results of these explorations into one coherent musical form.



Vid 1: 0:00 Bourree from the 4th Cello Suite in Eb Major, BWV 1010

Music by J.S. Bach

Filmed by XUAN

Edited by XUAN and Tomek Arnold


Vid 2: 3:31 Dance and Noise

Music by Tomek Arnold

Filmed and edited by XUAN


Vid 3: 10:41 Lady Hunsdon’s Puffe, Melancholy Galliard, Come Away.

Music by John Dowland

Filmed and Edited by Tomek Arnold


Vid 4: 16:17 Scatter in the Sky

Music by Tomek Arnold

Filmed and edited by XUAN


Vid 5: 27:05 Aphasia

Music by Mark Applebaum

Filmed and Edited by Tomek Arnold


Vid 6: 36:00 Sonata K 402 and K 198 in E minor

Music by Domenico Scarlatti

Filmed and Edited by Tomek Arnold


All music recorded, mixed and mastered by Tomek Arnold.


Filmed at University at Buffalo in Buffalo, NY

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Digital Hybrid