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A project celebrating 335 anniversary of the birth of one of the best composers in the Western music history. Bach’s music is presented here together with percussion improvisation coming in and out of the originals performed on marimba and vibraphone.

The project was commissioned by the Krakow Festival Office with the online concert presented during the Covid pandemic on 26 Oct 2020. The program of Bach’s works (interwoven with improvisation) is as follows:

- Prelude – Cello suite in G-major
- Allemande – Lute suite in e-minor
- Prelude and Fugue from Das Wolterperierte Klavier c- minor 
- Courante – Cello suite in G-major
- Bouree - S Lute suite in e-minor
- Sarabande – Cello suite in G-major
- Gigue  - Lute suite in e-minor
- Preludium, English suite no 2 in a-minor  


Bach in Contemporary Improvisation

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