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Scherzo 3


Bright Lights On a Dark Night

Instrumentation: marimba solo (5 oct)


Duration: 10’


Difficulty: advanced


2006, Kraków

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Tomasz Arnold

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A piece I wrote when I was sixteen years old. The reason it’s featured here is that people seem to enjoy playing it. I first presented this piece in 2007 in the Académie Musicale de Villecroze, a marimba and composition master class with Keiko Abe in a lovely town of Villecroze in southern France. During this masterclass I met Emiko Uchiyama – a great marimba player from Japan. She heard me presenting the piece on the masterclass and decided to include it in her debut album called Emiko. 


Much has changed in my musical language since the creation og the Bright Lights. If you're interested in the piece, you might also take an interest in my newer marimba solo 

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