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Bare Ballade

Waltzing for a Few Minutes

Scherzo 2

Scherzo 4

Scherzo 3

Scherzo 1

Mazurka Mashup

Navigating the Nocturnes

Revolutionary Remix


Chopin - Alter Ego is a collection of nine pieces for marimba and vibraphone based on a body of works by F. Chopin. The work is based on the total of fourteen music examples from Chopin’s repertoire that are quoted, reworked rearranged, used as basis for motivic development or functioning as a general inspiration. Each piece in the collection is based on a different musical form used by Chopin (etude, nocturne, mazurka, scherzo, waltz and ballade). The pieces function as independent entities that can be performed separate from each other but at the same time they all together create a large, closed form with specific dramatic unfolding and movements to be performed in the specified order. In addition, the four Scherzos themselves also create a closed structure and can be approached as a separate four-movement piece.

Chopin - Alter Ego


vibes, glock, marimba (5 oct.) (duo and solo)


Duration: 80’


Difficulty: advanced +


2019 - 2021; Buffalo, Kraków


Pieces of the collection:

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Tomasz Arnold

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