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A piece for mallet percussion duo (player 1 – vibes and xylo, player 2 marimba and glockenspiel) and symphonic orchestra. Parts of it still need work, which is why I only posted the first movement here. However, the piece is almost done, and can be brought to its complete, final version on request (probably in about a month time). The complete first movement (MIDI realization and the score) are for you to enjoy here.

Instrumentation: vib + xylo, mar + glock solo (duo); 3[picc.2.3].3.3.3[1.2.CBsn] – – Timp+3Prc ar – Strings (14-12-10-8-6)


Duration: 30’





2021-23, Kraków

Double Concerto

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Tomasz Arnold

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