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Tomasz Arnold

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The piece is one of my first attempts to merge my current compositional interests with the genre of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). The structure of the piece is a slow construction of an EDM soundtrack that I produced. The track was produced at the very beginning of the compositional process, and was slowed down and deconstructed into samples of beat, chords in mid register, high register enhancement and bass line. After deconstructing the soundtrack into samples, I composed a chamber piece that works itself sonically around these samples that are triggered by the piano player. Over the course of the piece the samples start to construct themselves into the pre-composed EDM soundtrack and the whole piece resolves with the ensemble playing along with it providing the accompaniment.


Instrumentation:  flute, drum-set, piano + MIDI keyboard, cello, live electronics (5 condenser mics, 1 dynamic mic, laptop, audio interface, mixer – 8 in, 2 out, stereo PA with sub) (quartet)


Duration: 15’


Difficulty: advanced


2016, Middletown, CT

Isolation, Materialism, Appearance

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Tomasz Arnold

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