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In the Spring 2016 I was approached by Bill Sand, director of WesWinds to play a concerto with them. The renting of the score for the piece I wanted to play, however, became a big financial and organizational undertaking, so instead I proposed to write a piece myself to perform with WesWinds in the spring 2017.


The piece draws on three sources of inspiration: noise, marching music, and EDM.

The elements progress from one to another in the series of episodes throughout which the percussionist improvises a solo part using the verbal instructions included in the score.


solo percussion - improvised (kick BD, 2 large tom toms, SD, 2 bongos, 4 Chinese cymbs (ad lib), 2 western cymbs), wind ensemble: 5[picc.].2.5sax[4 alto.tnr].3 – – 4 prc.


Duration: 10’


Difficulty:  intermediate


2017, Middletown, CT

Broken Breathing

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Tomasz Arnold

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